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In nowadays digital world, the use of internet and digital devices is essential for daily life. However, not all ICTs are prepared for people with disabilities. It is necessary to know and adapt what ICTs offer, so learners can develop their digital competence.

Therefore, the aim of this module is support educators to identify, select, create or co-create the correct pedagogical material needed to facilitate in the most effective way the learning process of basic digital competences in disabled learners. This includes critical thinking, problem solving and assessment strategies, as well as the responsible use of such digital resources, when organizing, protecting and sharing them in a safe environment.

The module consists of 3 sub-modules:

6.1 Disabled learners: Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (LDD)

6.2 Inclusive Education applied in teaching digital skills: E-accessibility

6.3 Strategies and methods/tools to teach digital skills to disabled learners

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