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Case study

Situation 1: Trainer 1 is taking a Science class. He is:

– not reading the text,

– dividing the whole class into 5-6 groups,

– asking students to bring a plant and observe it in each group,

– encouraging them to discuss about the plant in detail in their group,

– facilitating group discussion and ensuring participation of each student,

– giving opportunity to each student to explore and utilize his/her rich experience,

– asking each student to draw and label a picture of a plant in their note book,

– asking each student to share their work and promoting discussions among the students.

Situation 2: When the trainer 2 takes a class, he narrates, explains different concepts and ideas, and asks questions to selected few students. All his efforts are focused on finishing the course in time. Therefore, he finds very little time to take care of the needs and interests of the students; rather he is worried about his teaching. The students are observed to be passive listener to the teacher and sometimes some of them ask a few questions. The trainer tries to maintain discipline in the class so that he could go on uninterrupted in his teaching. His efforts for making the class interesting to the students are limited as he is constrained by time. At the end of teaching the lesson, he asks two to three questions for evaluating students’ learning.

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